3 simple steps for living with peace

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How can you create more peace in your life? No money in the world will buy it, because living a peaceful life is an inside job. And you can find serenity, beginning with these 3 simple steps.

Let it go

If feel you’ve been wronged, and those feelings begin to take over your life, you’re being held captive by the past. Hurt, sadness and anger part of the kaleidoscope of feelings in the human experience. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way after a negative experience.

Maybe you’re beating yourself up over something you did. Please stop. Accept and learn from the experience, and knowing that you have learned will help you to move on. If you’ve hurt someone, find peace in going through the process of making amends. It may be uncomfortable, but so is carrying around a heavy load of guilty feelings.

To find peace, it’s important to move on from the hurt and pain and release these feelings. Accepting what is, and moving on with compassion for yourself will raise your energy.

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Change your thoughts

You can’t control anyone else. But you can change the way you respond to them. Stop trying to change other people’s behaviors.

What someone else says is really about them. How you react to it is about you.

For example, imagine you just bought an SUV so to drive the kids and their buddies to practices. It’s sensible, and makes the best sense for you. Your friend tells you “I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of that boring car.”

How would you feel? Well, here’s the place you get to choose your thoughts. You’d understandably be annoyed in the moment. But think about it. Maybe she doesn’t have kids, so she has no reason for a big SUV. Or maybe she feels the need to drive a flashy and fun car. Whatever the reason, that’s HER stuff. Her opinions are hers, not yours.

When someone gets under your skin, put up an imaginary hand and stop their feelings from entering into your space. Let it go. You don’t have to own anyone else’s feelings.

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Let go of what others think about you, and live life on your terms.

However, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” is one of my favorite words of wisdom by Wayne Dyer. Take a look at the things you feel stuck and frustrated about in your life.

Live what you love, love what you do

Do you wake up and want to throw the covers back over your head because you can’t stand what the day has in store for you? If you are miserable, think about making changes.

Yes, you can change your lifestyle, your job, your relationship. You don’t have to throw your life away. Maybe there are some tweaks to make that will bring back the sparkle. Or maybe you’d like a major overhaul. Whatever you want, go for it!

Is it time to learn how to let go of what’s not working for you and invest time into creating a life that you love?

Going through the motions of life doesn’t bring joy. Can you imagine yourself in the same place in 5, 25 or 35 years from now? Maybe it’s time to let go of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and create a life that’s fulfilling and peaceful.

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When you change the way you look at things, the things around you change. No matter what your life looks like, you can make changes to bring more joy, purpose and peace in your life.

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Denise Fountain is a Life Transformation Coach and Certified Professional Coach. She works with women going through transitions to rediscover themselves and create lives that are happy, healthy and whole again. Together with her clients, she explores the connection between stress, health and happiness, and guides her clients to move forward to make lasting and sustainable changes.

Denise is passionate about helping women live their best lives. Denise provides coaching for clients living anywhere by phone or Skype, and is available for speaking engagements and workshops. Sign up for updates. Contact her at denise@denisefountain.com to learn more about how Denise can partner with you to create the life you dream of.