Ready! Set! Wait…don’t go to preschool yet!

Imagine relaxing with your coffee while it’s still hot! Showering without children wandering in!  Checking your email without interruptions! You’ve been counting the days until the preschool begins, when you have a few hours of peace and quiet to do anything you want. In just a few days from now the preschool experience will begin…

The first day of many years of school, and the challenges come with it. The first day that you’ll be leaving your child with a room full of kids you don’t yet know. A busy teacher admirably trying to settle both the kids and the parents. Who will your kid play with? How will he behave? Will she let the teacher know what she needs?  Who makes sure they make it to the bathroom in time? And what if they don’t? Suddenly, you’re worried about a million things. What’s going on?

Stop worrying (easier said than done, I know). It’s perfectly normal to stress about the first day of school. As a preschool teacher for years, I appreciate concerns that parents feel. If this is the first time that your child will be in a school setting, away from parents and sitters who are very familiar, then it makes sense to feel some apprehension. Perhaps you feel that nobody knows and loves your kid as much as you do. Quality preschools have caring and compassionate teachers who are skillful with helping both children and parents with the transition.

Have confidence in yourself and your child. He’s becoming more involved with other people, beginning to play with other children. Preschoolers are more and more interested in the world they live in. Children learn so much from being around other children. As they become used to the daily routine, they’ll learn to become more self-reliant and have new experiences to share with you. 

When you feel a moment of nostalgia coming on, focus on how your child is learning to adjust to the world beyond his home. Preschool will open up her world in new ways, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new skills and ideas that they express. When you see your child after school, you’ll hear about their new teacher, friends and classroom. So, go enjoy that cup of coffee, knowing that your well-deserved private time will be over before you know it. Their life is going to have a new level of excitement, and you’ll be the first one they want to share it with.