What’s love got to do with it?

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What's love got to do with it? Everything.

We’re all wired for love and connection. It’s part of our human nature to be connected at a soul level to something bigger than us. When we’re in tune with other people, with nature, and with the universe, we feel that stronger sense of showing up in the world with love and compassion.

What is love? It’s an important way that we connect in the world, becoming part of something bigger than you and me. Without it, we feel lonely and disconnected.

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In the Buddhist tradition, compassion and love are seen as two aspects of the same thing: Compassion is the wish for another being to be free from suffering; love is wanting them to have happiness.
— Dalai Lama

There are no coincidences. I treasure the feeling of serendipity when I instantly connect with someone.  There's a bit of magic that places a person in my life when I least expect it - whether it's in a store, taking a class, or walking around my neighborhood.

I've learned not to question  "why" some connections seem so perfectly timed. The energetic vibe that brings me together with people is something I cherish, and a way to create more kindness, compassion and love in the world. 

People cross our paths at the right time for reasons that I don’t always understand. I welcome the “chance” meetings, and the opportunity that the connection brings. I see this as part of the universe sending the right people, places and things along our life's path.

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Empathy, kindness, compassion, understanding, warmth and abundance allow us to connect more closely to others -  to family and friends, co-workers and strangers, and to the interconnected world that we’re all very much a part of.

What is love? Love is the path to joy.

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Denise Fountain is a Life Transformation Coach and Certified Professional Coach. She works with women going through transitions to rediscover themselves and create lives that are happy, healthy and whole again. Together with her clients, she explores the connection between stress, health and happiness, and guides her clients to move forward to make lasting and sustainable changes.

Denise is passionate about helping women live their best lives. Denise provides coaching for clients living anywhere by phone or Skype, and is available for speaking engagements and workshops. Sign up for updates. Contact her at denise@denisefountain.com to learn more about how Denise can partner with you to create the life you dream of.